These pages are primarily for sharing information between members of the comet observing community, on what proposals are required / planned / accepted, and on what has been observed. This site is hosted by Google, and uses a private Google group to provide a mailing list for the community and access to 'team only' areas of the site in one go.

For access to the restricted areas of the site, sign up to our Google group. If you do not already have a Google account then you will be able to create one (for free), using a non-Google e-mail address if you prefer. This sign up must be approved for spam avoidance, so please remember to briefly introduce yourself (especially if you are using a Google account with a non-academic e-mail address).

Please note that the mailing list is intended for professional astronomers only - details on how amateur astronomers can contribute to the campaign are available on this page, or directly at the Rosetta amateur astronomer campaign. This includes an option for amateurs to sign up to the campaign.

For questions about the campaign and the site, you can also contact the following people directly:

Colin Snodgrass - coordination, link to ESA Rosetta team, mailing list / website admin
Olivier Hainaut - primary ESO contact, mailing list / website admin
Michael Kelley - website admin
Paul Weissman - DPS meeting organisation
Padma Yanamandra-Fisher - amateur campaign coordination