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2014 Madrid

Friday 13th of June, starting at 9am.

The meeting will be held on the ESAC campus of ESA, outside Madrid, Spain. We will aim to finish by around 3pm to allow people to travel home the same day (at least for those from Europe). Note that this meeting will take place at the end of the regular Rosetta Science Working Team meeting, which will include a workshop on Rosetta related science as well as the regular SWT update on the mission itself.

The outline agenda for the meeting covers the following topics (detailed agenda will appear here later):

- progress on measurements so far (probably only imaging/photometry), predictions on activity
- proposed / planned programmes. What is missing? Who can fill gaps?
- building collaborations with instrument teams
- alignment between ground observations and Rosetta 'campaigns' (e.g. volatile activity campaigns)
- amateur involvement, including progress on amateur coordination website, data repository, pro-am collaborations, defining standards and procedures for amateurs to contribute useful data
- planning ground based element of an EU H2020 Rosetta/comet science proposal
- archiving ground based data at PDS/PSA alongside mission data

Please let me know if you have any other topics for discussion or if you have any presentations that you would like to give.

As the meeting will take place within the ESA campus, you will need to register in advance. Details of how the registration with ESA will work will follow, but for now please make sure you let Colin Snodgrass know if you plan to attend. There is a block booking at a hotel in Madrid for the SWT meeting, and the aim is to have ESA organised buses from there to ESAC. Details on this also available from Colin.
Colin Snodgrass,
Jun 11, 2014, 8:08 AM