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Registration and hotel booking is included in the same process - please complete the form below to do both.

The conference fee of €282 includes accommodation in the hotel for Monday and Tuesday nights, evening meals on Monday and Tuesday, and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. Additional nights, accompanying persons, and the optional wine tasting on Monday evening are at additional cost. Payment is not required in advance and will be taken by the hotel when you depart. See notes below the form for more details.

The deadline for registration is 1 March 2016. Early booking of travel is strongly recommended.

Registration is now closed!

1. The conference fee is split into two parts, the B&B cost (€150) and the conference charge (€132). In the majority of cases the conference charge will be billed directly to Europlanet and attendees will only need to pay the €150 (plus any optional parts or personal extra hotel charges) on departure.
2. For those receiving reimbursement of travel costs from Europlanet, note the maximum nightly rate in Austria for hotels is €75. Extra nights at Schloss Seggau do not qualify for the special conference rate, so only €75 of the €82 / night cost can be reimbursed if you require extra nights (e.g. due to a lack of connections on Monday or Wednesday evening). Cheaper accommodation for extra nights before or after the workshop can be found in Graz itself.
3. We will attempt to organise efficient transfer between Graz and Schloss Seggau (minibus/bus rather than individual taxis), especially on the Wednesday evening when it is likely that many attendees will take the same flights out. Please let us know your expected arrival and departure times in order to facilitate this.