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Venue / logistics

The meeting will be held at the castle/hotel of Schloss Seggau, near Graz in Austria. Full board accommodation (from Monday evening until lunch on Wednesday) at the castle will be included with the conference fee. Extra nights at the castle are possible (at additional cost) either side of the meeting.

We expect to arrange transfers from Graz to/from Seggau, on the assumption that most people will arrive/depart on the same few flights / trains. Details will be provided later.

Graz airport (GRZ) is relatively small. There are only a few options departing on the Wednesday evening, but the meeting is timed such that the flights around 7pm will be possible, and these give reasonable connections to many places. There is more choice (and cheaper options) flying to/from Vienna (VIE). The train connection from VIE to Graz takes approx 3 hours, and costs approx €90 (return). There is also a bus between Vienna and Graz: (unfortunately only in German, but fairly straightforward to understand anyway), this is cheaper than the train (and takes 2.5 hours from Vienna city centre to Graz). For individual journeys from Graz to Seggau, the best option is by train from Graz main station to Leibnitz (takes 35 minutes), which is 3 km away from Schloss Seggau (5 minutes taxi ride). Further information on train connections to/from Graz can be found at  

The meeting takes place during the Euro 2016 football championship. There will be a viewing area at the venue for the matches in the evening, for those who are interested. It is probably worth noting (for planning travel) that Austria plays on the Wednesday evening. Matches these days:
Mon 21:00: Slovakia v England and Russia v Wales
Tue 18:00: N. Ireland v Germany and Ukraine v Poland
Tue 21:00: Croatia v Spain and Czech R. v Turkey
Wed 18:00:  Iceland v Austria and Hungary v Poland
Wed 21:00: Sweden v Belgium and Italy v Ireland