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2013 ESO

Coordination meeting
ESO HQ, Garching by Munich, Germany
9th + 10th July 2013



Starting on 9 July 14:00, ending on 10 July 15:00, so to be compatible with most flights in and out of Munich.


This meeting is organized by comet observers, for comet observers, to discuss our plans for ground-based observations of 67P. It is meant as a follow-up on the 2012 meeting in London, and as a replacement of the meeting originally planned in Toulouse.

The main topic of the meeting will be the possible observations that can add scientific value to the Rosetta mission. A very limited set of mission-critical observations (astrometry etc.) have been arranged between ESA and ESO. There are obviously additional, science driven observations that can support or add to the mission. These are separate, and will require proposals through the usual channels, at ESO and other observatories. There are two sorts of science observation that we can think of:

1. Those that the Rosetta instrument teams would like to have in support of their science,
2. Those that are driven by observers and the science that they would like to do, that can benefit from the fact that Rosetta will be there and the measurements that it will make.
Obviously there is likely to be some overlap between these, and we feel that there is value in coordinating plans.
This meeting is therefore open to all astronomers interested by observations of 67P. Please feel free to invite your colleagues, collaborators and competitors.

The meeting will be extremely informal. The agenda (here) is therefore just a list of topics and possible contributors.


This directory contains relevant documents. The ephemerides, visibility plots and finders are available here.


A list of confirmed and probable participants is available here.
Note that this meeting is not an ESA nor an ESO meeting. It's really just observers meeting observers.


If you plan to participate to the meeting, please tell us asap. 
If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Olivier Hainaut ohainaut (at) and
Colin Snodgrass snodgrass (at)


The meeting will take place at ESO headquarters, in the Council Room.

This document has all the information to reach ESO HQ. 
Short version: take the subway to "Garching-Forschungszentrum" (last station), then walk 2min south to the main ESO building.

In case you don't have accommodation yet, we have a block reservation (code "Rosetta") with two hotels. This reservation formally expires on 24 June, and is valid between 8 and 10 July.

Freisinger Landstrasse 9a 
D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen 
tel. (+49 89) 326 99 00 
fax (+49 89) 320 72 43 
single room: EUR 75 / double room: EUR 98

Buergerplatz 3 
D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen 
tel. (+49 89) 320 50 46 
fax. (+49 89) 329 15 10 
single room: EUR 79 in 3 star category / EUR 89 in 4 star business category / EUR 99 in 4 star Delux category / double room: EUR 99 in 3 star category/ EUR 109 in 4 star category
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