Log of observations. Table below gives searchable summary of observations of 67P, while the calendar shows the same information. It can be compared with the list of planned observations.

To submit observations to the database see instructions below.

Rosetta campaign - actual observations

To add records of your observations you can use one of three methods:
  1. Web form input
  2. Automated e-mail
  3. Bulk upload (send a spreadsheet)
In each case one record should correspond to a single night, or period of observation within a night, with a defined start and end time for observations of 67P. This log is meant to record summary information only, not full details, but short notes can be added. The critical information is the telescope used and observing mode, the responsible person to contact for further information / data access, and the time of observation.

Form input:

Rosetta campaign log input form

To use the e-mail method, note the strict formatting required (for automatic reading). This should be easy to automate for sending information also.

The subject must be:

+67P log

The body of the mail should contain:


Please use DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM format for start and end times. Method should be IMG, SPEC, POL for any of these modes, but can accept other text for other observation types. Please include the space after the colon in each row!

You will notice that these headings correspond to the ones in the web form above - see notes in the form for hints on what each heading means.

optional headings that can also be included are:


The e-mail should be sent to c.d.b.snodgrass --at-- gmail.com, and will be processed within an hour. You will get an automatic response with a confirmation of success or failure.

To upload many nights at once, the simplest method may be to compile the information directly into a text file or spreadsheet with the appropriate columns. You can then e-mail the file to Colin for manual inclusion into the database.